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Good Catch Champion: Susan Pace

March 20, 2024

Susan Pace

Registered Nurse

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

What happened:

Susan Pace, RN, can be credited with saving a man’s life by practicing a questioning attitude. A man in his 30s went to the Winsted Emergency Department for worsening chronic neck pain. He denied chest pain or trouble breathing and his exam was otherwise normal, but there was something seriously wrong.

Before being discharged, the physician in the ED asked his team “what else can we do?” Sue suggested an EKG, which indicated the patient was having an acute heart attack. Medical management was started. LIFESTAR was called and the patient was transported swiftly to an HHC catheterization lab for immediate treatment.

Safety behaviors demonstrated:

Susan demonstrated a questioning attitude and paying attention to detail. This led to using cross checks and a team working together to diagnose the patient and making sure he received the level of care he needed.

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