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Not Feeling Well? Start With This Online Symptom Checker

February 22, 2021

It can be challenging to decide what to do when we’re sick – call our primary care provider or go to a nearby urgent care center?

Other questions may follow, such as can the visit be virtual as we nurse our ailments at home or should we be seen in person for a more thorough assessment?

At Hartford HealthCare, those challenges are addressed by a new core symptom-checking screener. In an experience that takes just a few minutes, the symptom checker asks how you are feeling – or, if you are filling out the form for someone else, such as a child or elderly parent, how they are feeling. Other questions such as age, gender and a pain rating follow before you are directed to the best, most relevant care available at Hartford HealthCare. Home care options are always included, too.

Available solutions support hundreds of symptoms, making it simple and easy to progress from “I think I need care” to getting the right care at the right time.

To access the free symptom checker, click below.