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6 Low Carb Vegetables to Add to Your Diet

February 12, 2024

If your new years resolution already has you missing carbs, you’re not alone. Losing weight and improving diet are among the top resolutions again this year – and low carb diets are still a go-to.

But before you go fully carnivore or start cutting out fruits and vegetables, a new Harvard study recommends adding more plants to your plate.

Joseph St. Pierre, DO, a medical weight loss specialist with Hartford HealthCare, says this study found that the plant-based, low carb diet was more effective at curbing long-term weight gain than low carb diets that are focused on animal proteins.

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When it comes to carbs, it’s quality over quantity.

“It’s about the quality of the carbs,” explains Dr. St. Pierre. “Quality, complex carbs with fiber and skins are what you want. These will help you avoid insulin spikes and give you a better response to weight loss.”

According to Dr. St. Pierre, a variety of color in your produce puts you in good shape. His top six quality carb picks include:

  1. Brussels sprouts. Perfect for roasting in olive oil and salt, these help decrease inflammation, and contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Cabbage. Popular for its ability to regulate bowel movements and improve digestive health, cabbage is a welcome addition to any taco or rice bowl.
  3. Carrots. Known to promote healthy vision and reduce inflammation, these make a great addition to any balanced meal.
  4. Green beans. Packed with fiber and potassium, green beans support both heart and gut health. For an easy snack, simply roast green beans with minced garlic and oil.
  5. Peppers. Abundant in vitamin C, peppers – especially the red ones! – can help prevent cataracts and slow memory loss. Try grilling them with onions for a delicious side dish, or simply slice and eat raw for the most health benefits.
  6. Tomatoes. Loaded with vitamins A and C, tomatoes can boost immunity and slow heart disease. Try mixing them into a soup or sauce, or simply adding them to your next salad.

Dr. St. Pierre reminds us that low carb vegetables are a great source of fiber, vitamins and micronutrients and help us feel full for longer.