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Welcoming Resident Physicians

QU Partnership - logoBeginning July 2024, this practice becomes a clinical training site for resident physicians from the Quinnipiac University Rural Family Medicine Residency Program. As part of this accredited program, your future appointments may be scheduled with a resident physician.

Residents are doctors who have graduated from medical school, and work in a clinical setting for a few years to continue their education. Working under the close supervision of our physicians, they provide the same level of high-quality, patient-centered care as they gain hands-on training in preparation of practicing as a licensed physician.

Resident physicians support our practice, bringing the highest level of care to our patients:

  • More doctors in the office means quicker access to care when you need it
  • Residents are able to invest extra time with you to conduct an exam, review medical history and explain medical conditions
  • You’ll benefit from two physicians involved in your care, with residents collaborating closely with our supervising physicians.

Do you have questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions below (or download them). You can also call our office.

Q: Will a resident physician replace my primary care provider?

A: You will have at least two physicians involved in your care — a resident doctor and a supervising physician. Residents work in partnership with their supervising physician to continue to provide you with the highest quality of patient-centered healthcare.

Q: What level of supervision do resident physicians have?

A: Resident physicians have already received many years of medical training and possess a broad range of clinical knowledge and skills. They work under the close supervision of a more experienced supervising physician to ensure the quality and safety of your care. Supervising physicians guide, mentor and provide oversight to residents as they deliver patient care and navigate various aspects of their medical training. To ensure the highest quality of care, your resident physician will review your case with their supervising physician at the time of your visit.

Q: What can I expect in my appointment with a resident physician?

A: Your appointment will be conducted in the same way as it would with your PCP. You’ll speak with the resident physician, receive a thorough examination, and have a detailed discussion about your medical conditions, history and preventative care. The resident will then discuss your case with the supervising physician and confirm the plan with you.

Q: Will I still see my primary care provider?

A: One of our senior primary care providers will be present as a resident’s supervisor on the days when you come in for your appointment. They will be informed of your health progress and needs, and may also participate in the appointment. Additionally, as residents and supervising physicians work together as a care team, there may be instances when you see one of our senior physicians for urgent visits.

Q: How does having resident physicians benefit me as a patient?

A: Resident physicians provide a number of benefits to patients:

  • Residents in our practice provide quicker access to care for patients
  • Residents working in partnership with our senior physicians provides an additional layer of care
  • Residents are able to spend more time with patients
  • Residents bring new, state-of-the-art care and expertise into the office
  • Residents help facilitate quality improvements within the office

Q: Will my appointments take longer with resident physicians?

A: You may find appointment times to be slightly longer, as residents have more time to spend with you to conduct a comprehensive exam, review medical conditions or preventive measures, and answer your questions in greater detail.

Q: Are resident physicians involved in decision-making about my treatment?

A: Yes. Resident physicians collaborate with their supervising physician in decision-making to provide well-rounded and informed care.

Q: Can I choose to be seen by my PCP rather than a resident physician?

A: We encourage our patients to work with our entire clinical team to receive the highest level of care. However, if you have specific concerns about being seen by a resident physician, please share them with our office staff.

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