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  • VBAC: Why Rachel Chose a Cesarean Birth

    Hear Rachel's story about why she chose to have a cesarean birth instead of a VBAC.

  • VBAC: Why Alex Chose a Vaginal Birth

    Hear Alex's story and why she chose to have a vaginal birth after a past cesarean section.

  • Candidiasis cutánea

    ¿Qué es una candidiasis cutánea? La candidiasis cutánea suele estar causada por un hongo llamado Candida albicans. Esta clase de hongo en forma de levadura vive naturalmente en la piel. Cuando se multiplica demasiado, se llama candidiasis cutánea. Los brotes de candidiasis cutánea tienden a ocurrir en zonas de roce...

  • Trombocitopenia

    ¿Qué es la trombocitopenia? La trombocitopenia es una baja cantidad de plaquetas (trombocitos) en la sangre. Las plaquetas son las células que ayudan a la coagulación de la sangre. Si usted no tiene una cantidad suficiente de ellas, su sangre no puede coagularse bien. Esto significa que es más difícil...

  • Big Baby: Vaginal Tears

    Learn how vaginal tears can happen with any size baby. Tears can be treated, and they heal quickly.

  • Lowering Your Health Care Costs

    Getting great care at a lower price is possible. Just like when you shop for food or clothes, there are things you can do to lower your health care costs. Save by taking charge of your health Protect your health with a healthy lifestyle. Here are some things you can...

  • Lumbar Spondylosis

    What is lumbar spondylosis? Spondylosis is age-related change of the bones (vertebrae) and discs of the spine. These changes are often called degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. When this condition is in the lower back, it's called lumbar spondylosis. These changes don't always cause symptoms. But they are a...

  • Milk Oversupply

  • Difference Between the Flu and a Cold

  • Hyperparathyroidism

    What is hyperparathyroidism? Hyperparathyroidism means that one or more of your four parathyroid glands may be too active. These are tiny glands in the neck, behind the thyroid gland. When they're too active, they make too much parathyroid hormone (PTH). This hormone helps control how much calcium is in your...

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