Referrals & Transfers

Our goal is to provide timely access to patients of yours that require a surgical consultation and prompt communication with you, your patient and their family regarding our findings.

Make a Referral

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Call to make an appointment 877.707.4442

Patients with urgent or emergent needs will be worked in the same day. Routine evaluations will be scheduled anywhere from several days to several weeks in advance depending on the appointment availability in our Divisions.

To avoid unnecessary duplication of diagnostic tests, please provide any relevant Imaging, Lab or other diagnostic test results to the surgical consultant's office prior to the visit. If convenient, we might suggest that the patient bring this information to their Hartford HealthCare Medical Group appointment. Copies of other relevant medical information such as office notes and findings can be mailed by addressing it to the appropriate Hartford HealthCare Medical Group physician at:

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group
85 Seymour Street, Suite 705 or 300
Hartford, CT 06106

Telephone Consultation with a Hartford HealthCare Medical Group physician

To contact a Hartford HealthCare Medical Group physician, please page the individual that you are interested in speaking with directly. If you do not have access to their page number, the physician can be reached by contacting 877.707.4442.

Reports Sent to Referring Provider

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group physicians make every effort to insure timely communication following an evaluation. If hospitalization and/or surgery is recommended, we will make every effort to keep you informed of your patient's progress.