Family Medicine

Quote_6If you're looking for a physician right in your own community, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group's affiliated providers can provide convenient and comprehensive care. Our patients have easy access to the services available through the many urgent care centers located near you.

Convenient All Around Care

        Headache Center


The Comprehensive Headache Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of many types of headaches. We understand that every person suffering from headache is unique, which is why we offer unique expertise.


                 Unique Treatment for Unique Pain



Internal Medicine

Quote_4_FlippedInternal Medicine offers a wide range of high quality services for patients and educational offerings for caregivers. State of the art technology is coupled with a long tradition of competent, collaborative care to manage episodes of illness as well as to promote health and wellness.

Routine Care You Can Count On

        Movement Disorders

Quote_3_FlippedThe Movement Disorders Center combines the diagnostic and therapeutic skills of prominent specialists with ongoing clinical research. We offer a personal and compassionate approach to a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of every individual with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, from diagnosis to hospice.

                  Keeping You Moving



Sports Medicine

Quote_6Physicians apply their knowledge, training and dedication in sports medicine and exercise science to promote healthier lifestyles for people. Sports Medicine physicians are committed to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports-related injuries and the advancement of the science of exercise.

Getting You Back on Track

        Transplant Surgery


Hartford HealthCare Medical Group's Transplant Surgery Division is committed to providing the highest level of care and support for patients whose treatment options include organ transplant surgery.
Our skilled surgeons have an advanced level of expertise in transplant surgery, including the heart, kidneys and liver.

                  State of the Art Care




Urology & Kidney

Quote_4_FlippedThe Division of Urology at Hartford HealthCare Medical Group is one of the largest providers in New England of comprehensive resources to diagnose and treat disorders of the male and female urinary systems and male reproductive organs. Our providers have expertise in a wide range of areas that are involved in the diagnosis and treatment, including bladder disease, incontinence and voiding dysfunction, prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and after care, female urology and pediatric urology.

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